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Technical Memos

118: 90 Degree Corner Door Configuration
The DuoTherm™ Sliding/Stacking Door (370 System) can be used in a 90 degree opening configuration.

117: Architectural Mortice Lock Option
Introducing a stylish new mortice lock option for the DuoTherm™ Sliding/Stacking Door (370 System) and DuoTherm™ Sliding/Stacking Window (372 System).

116: Secondary Glazing
Secondary glazing is a cost effective and easy way to improve the thermal and acoustic performance of your existing window framing.

115: New 405-451M Interlock to Replace 405-451 Interlock
The standard interlock for the Pinnacle™ Narrow Sash Sliding Window (740 System) has been updated with a revised profile.

114: New Glass Edge Fin Seal Option for Frameless Sliding Window
This new clip-on PVC fin seal is an easy way to improve the air infiltration performance of the Lidco Frameless Sliding Window (260 System).

113: New Plunger Lock for Frameless Sliding Window
A new high quality, stylish keyed plunger lock (00-039M) is now available for the popular Lidco Frameless Sliding Window (260 System).

112: Alternative Bifold Door Configuration
The popular Lifestyle™ Bifold Door (615 System) can be installed in an inward opening configuration with the use of a sub-sill.

111: New Flyscreen Door Option for Lifestyle™ Entry Door - 150 System
Introducing a new, easy to install flyscreen door for the Lifestyle™ Entry Door – 150 System. Able to fit both inward and outward opening doors, the aluminium flyscreen door is both slim and unobtrusive.

110: New Sliding/Stacking Door Locks
The door handle range incorporates advanced security and safety features making this product the ideal choice for sliding patio door applications.

109: Stylish New Sliding Window Mortice Lock
Introducing the new mortice sliding window lock with minimal visual impact to suit today's modern architecture. Innovative hideaway handle allows for low profile mounting on window sash.

108: New Sash for 424 and 748 Systems
This new extrusion simplifies machining requirements during fabrication and greatly improves window performance. A set of easy fit handles complements the new window sash redesign.

107: Sorrento Mortice Lock and Handle
The new Sorrento lock and handle complements the Lidco range of hinged and bifold doors. The stylish new lock and handle is available in a range of colours and finishes.

106: Weathershield Aluminium Door Threshold
Lidco has added a new inward opening aluminium door threshold suitable for the Lifestyle™ Hinged Door - 150 System

105: Lifestyle™ Sliding Window 01-029M Roller
Lidco is pleased to announce the addition of an all metal, stainless steel roller for the Lifestyle™ Sliding Window range.

104: Curtain wall sections in stock
Lidco has now added curtain wall structural bracket and washer sections to our in-stock inventory.

103: Additional Lifestyle™ sections in stock
Lidco has added more Lifestyle™ sections to our in-stock inventory.

102: Lifestyle™/Thermaview™ Awning/Casement Window 00-015 Winder
Lidco is proud to announce the addition of a new universal Window Winder (00-015) for the popular Lifestyle™ 140 System Awning/Casement Window and Thermaview™ 413 System Awning/Casement Window.

101: Lifestyle™ Sliding Window 00-524BL Centre Locking Latch
Due to customer feedback and demand Lidco announces the addition of a new Centre Locking Latch (00-524BL) for the popular Lifestyle™ 112 System Sliding Window.

100: Emporia™ 700-438M Three-Way Corner Post
Lidco is pleased to announce the release of a new three-way corner post for the Emporia™ 710 System Centre Glazed commercial framing. The new 700-438M section will allow both single and double glazing using a clever redesign of the section.

99: Klimat Airview Louvre™ Assembly Gaskets
Lidco is releasing new gasket sets for the Klimat Airview Louvre™ window framing. The gaskets suit the standard head and sill sections 600-720 and 600-701 respectively.

98: Thermaview™ Sliding Window - 422 System Update
The Lidco Thermaview™ Sliding Window (422 system) will shortly be revamped, to bring it in line with current AS2047 standards.

97: Lifestyle Bifold Door - 615 System
The Lidco Lifestyle™ Bifold Door (615 System) is a great alternative to conventional balcony sliding doors as they allow maximum access while still maintaining uninterrupted views. Using Centor half offset hinge sets equal panels are now achievable.

96: Commercial Swing Door Stop Locations
The rotating glass stop (03-547) offers a solution to the problem of adjusting commercial swing doors after they have dropped because of incorrect toe and heeling procedures. This solution compliments the Emporia™ 717 System commercial swing doors and is a stocked hardware item.

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