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Sorrento Mortice Lock and Handle

Sorrento Hardware

Sorrento Mortice Lock and Handle Sorrento Twin Bolt for Bifold with Low Profile Handle

New Sorrento mortice lock and handle suitable for use with the Lifestyle™ Hinged Door (150 System) and Lifestyle™ Bifold Door (615 System). This reliable new lock set has a beveled latch bolt that is extended further into the strike plate when locked by key or snib.

The Sorrento lock set may be connected to a multi-point kit to provide remote locking and door seal compression. The working lock is face mounted in order to simplify fitting to the door stile.

Sorrento Mortice Lock and Handle Features
  • Interior snib lever for quick and convenient locking without the need for a key
  • Tough nylon slides on the lock bolt to protect the edge of the door jamb, reducing noise and providing a smooth closing action
  • Two-stage lock bolt - locking the door by key or snib lever causes the lock bolt to extend further into the strike plate
  • Steel cased lock body for increased strength
  • Australian design and manufacture
  • Quick lever reversal by loosening a screw (to change between left hand hinged and right hand hinged doors)
  • Interchangeable lock bolt can be easily swapped to suit both inward opening and outward opening doors
  • Available in black satin, satin chrome, and a range of powder coated finishes
  • Additional finishes available that are suitable for coastal and high humidity environments
  • Can be keyed alike


Sorrento Multi-point Kit - 15-504 Features
  • An upper and lower remote bolt actuated by operation of the door levers to provide positive locking and door sealing
  • Actuation of the remote bolts to lock the door causes the door seals to be compressed
  • 15mm bolt throw each end
  • Adjustable escutcheon allows the door compression to be set, ensuring a complete draft seal
  • Adjustable metal bolt tips
  • Easy installation using a patented system that guides the rods onto the centre lock, and the tubes can be cut to length on site to fit any door size


Description Part Number Colour

Sorrento Lock Set Kit
(Face Mount)

15-501BL Black Satin
15-500SC Satin Chrome
15-500PR* Primrose
15-500CC* Custom Colour
Sorrento Inactive Lock Body with Lever
(Face Mount)
15-501BL Black Satin
15-501SC Satin Chrome
15-501PR* Primrose
15-501CC* Custom Colour
Sorrento Twin Bolt for Bifold with Low Profile Handle 15-502BL Black Satin
15-502SC Satin Chrome
15-502PR* Primrose
15-502CC* Custom Colour
*Lead times may apply
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