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Founded in Australia over 65 years ago Lidco is a leading designer and wholesale supplier of a diverse range of aluminium window and door systems and aluminium commercial framing systems to the Australian aluminium window and door industry. 

Lidco’s strengths range from superb design, extensive industry experience, incomparable logistics and a Lidco-accredited manufacturing capability based on numerous independently-owned fabricators located throughout Australia. The vast majority of Lidco’s extrusions, hardware and associated accessories are sourced from Australian suppliers. Lidco is 100% Australian owned.

Lidco is a member of the Australian Window Association and WERS, the energy rating industry body.

Lidco’s focus is to support the aluminium window and door industry through a comprehensive network of fabrication partnerships and dealer representatives. We are totally committed to the success of all of our stakeholders.

Great emphasis is placed on communicating with our clients to establish long-term relationships.

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