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Lidco on AutoSpec Print E-mail

AutoSpecWe are pleased to announce the availability of our aluminium window and door specifications in the AutoSpec library. This includes the Lifestyle, Thermaview, Pinnacle, DuoBloc and Alto series of windows and doors.

The AutoSpec system is a self-contained digital product library. Lidco’s product range and the resultant specification content have been constructed in partnership with AutoSpec and Lidco’s technical product experts.

By defining how and where the customer intends to use the Lidco product, the AutoSpec system will select the best fit for purpose system and generate an accurate, project-specific specification. As products are selected, AutoSpec writes the warranted specification for the selected Lidco products and then completes the specification document tailored for the project.

Specifications for the Lidco Emporia range of commercial framing systems along with the Klimat Airview Louvre range are also now available.

Lidco representatives and technical support teams will be using the system in the field and will be able to demonstrate our product library using AutoSpec.

To view the Lidco library click on the link below and select the product you wish to specify. On the next page click on the Product Selector button.

Lidco on AutoSpec

Thermaview Sliding Window Update Print E-mail

Thermaview Sliding WindowThe ThermaviewTM Sliding Window (422 system) has been revamped in order to bring it in line current AS2047 standards.

Thermaview sliding windows will now offer a fixed-slide configuration with an optional high performance sill threshold. This achieves a greater water rating than before.

This means that ThermaviewTM sliding window systems will no longer have a double slide option in the 65mm width framing. Testing has highlighted that a double sliding window has inferior water penetration ratings than that of a traditional fixed-slide configuration. The Pinnacle Sliding Window (746 system) with 100mm framing will continue to have a double slide option.

We have recently finalised a new technical Fabrication Manual for fabricators of the ThermaviewTM and Pinnacle Sliding Windows (422 and 746 systems) to coincide with these changes.

NDC Opening Print E-mail

NDC OpeningThe opening of our new National Distribution Centre was heralded as a great success. With customers, suppliers, specifiers and Lidco staff present, we were able to showcase the significant investment made into the distribution and logistical sides of the business.

Arran Horne, our Operations Manager, was proud to show all the hard work he and his team have been doing over the last 12 months, such as the new cantilever racking, introduction of bin location labels with illustrations, increased efficiencies and many other great improvements. The movie slideshow detailing the move was very useful to explain how we arrived where we are today.

The new bin location labels are a huge leap forward for Lidco as we are now able to accurately determine where a product is and what it looks like which enables much faster turn around of your order. Rolling stock takes will be performed quarterly giving you more confidence when placing your next order with us.

We also took the opportunity to use the opening as a platform to launch our new 2009/10 Product Catalogue, which you can read about within our latest edition of FRAMED, and view on the website via the Product Selector page.

We trust everyone left the day with a full stomach and a positive outlook about where Lidco is right now and where we are heading.

Lidco 2009/10 Product Catalogue Now Available Print E-mail

Product CatalogueWe are pleased to announce the release of the 2009/10 Lidco Product Catalogue. We believe that the current, streamlined catalogue is much more user friendly. We have aimed at keeping this update as simple as possible by retaining the same system numbers.

The total number of systems on offer has been streamlined to 33, whilst still covering a wide variety of applications from low rise residential projects to high rise commercial buildings.

In order to gain access to view CAD files in DWG format please request for access.

Please click here to view a tabulated explanation of the 2009/10 Lidco Product Catalogue.

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