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Lidco on AutoSpec

AutoSpecWe are pleased to announce the availability of our aluminium window and door specifications in the AutoSpec library. This includes the Lifestyle, Thermaview, Pinnacle, DuoBloc and Alto series of windows and doors.

The AutoSpec system is a self-contained digital product library. Lidco’s product range and the resultant specification content have been constructed in partnership with AutoSpec and Lidco’s technical product experts.

By defining how and where the customer intends to use the Lidco product, the AutoSpec system will select the best fit for purpose system and generate an accurate, project-specific specification. As products are selected, AutoSpec writes the warranted specification for the selected Lidco products and then completes the specification document tailored for the project.

Specifications for the Lidco Emporia range of commercial framing systems along with the Klimat Airview Louvre range are also now available.

Lidco representatives and technical support teams will be using the system in the field and will be able to demonstrate our product library using AutoSpec.

To view the Lidco library click on the link below and select the product you wish to specify. On the next page click on the Product Selector button.

Lidco on AutoSpec

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