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New Weathershield Door Threshold

New High Performance Inward Opening Aluminium Residential Door Threshold

Lidco is pleased to announce the release of a new high performance aluminium residential door threshold. The 100mm Weathershield™ inward opening door threshold (LSS-517) seals your door preventing water penetration and air leakage. The design of the door threshold also dramatically reduces energy losses and noise.

This threshold has been designed to complement the Lidco Lifestyle™ Entry Door – 150 System and can also be used with 75mm timber doors.

A standard outward opening door threshold (LSS-508) continues to be available.

Key Features

  • Self-draining
  • Avoids the need for cumbersome after-market doors seals
  • Can be used in the timber door market
  • Slim low profile design
  • Suitable for single and double doors
  • Sill baffle for better weather performance
  • Same tooling as for the existing outward opening threshold


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