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Contemporary Range - Lifestyle™ French/Entry Door - 150 System

The Lifestyle™ French/Entry Door is a high quality and long-lasting glass entry door with a 100mm frame, designed specifically for the residential market as an alternative to timber doors with timber framing. It is also an ideal alternative to the installation of sliding doors to patios, sunroom enclosures, balconies, laundries and the like. The door can accept either single or double glazing.

The Lifestyle™ French/Entry Door is available in French or double door configurations. There is a choice of aluminium thresholds to cater for either an inward or outward opening door. Lock options include standard, 2 and 3 point locks. The 2 point lock is used for passive double entry door configurations. French doors hardware options include lever sets with multi-point locking mechansims for both the active and inactive leaf.

Door Furniture for use with the Lifestyle™ French/Entry Door

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